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Waiting for Charlie and Lola to come on...

Ok, here goes another shot at this community...

As for an update, Rinoa is getting ready for the potty. She takes off her diaper if we dont keep her in pants or a onesie, she hates being in a wet diaper, and she's staying dry for over an hour. And she learned to get out of her crib. So daddy turned it in to a big girl bed with the rails. She's turning 2 in May. In July we are moving in to a house and I'm excited about that. The only downside is I will have to quit my job at the Psychic Eye. That makes me sad! I've been trying to get a job there for years and I finally get one and now in a few months I have to leave it. But it's not like I'll be lacking things to do. Putting a house together is job all on it's own.

Oh! While I was at work the other day I was looking at this book called Domestic Goddess. It was awesome! It was one of those books that had a lot of pictures and just a few words, but it was basically saying, "why are women always portrayed in paintings from way back as just laying about naked with nothing to do?". Then there were all these paintings of women doing the dishes and vacuuming and doing the shopping saying how we really do so much and that there are so many things we do that go unnoticed because we make things run smoothly. That we are the reason there is dinner on the table, the house is clean, laundry gets done, everyone gets to their appointments on time, the fridge is full. I'd like to see men do all the things we do and not crack. I guess I went on too long, but the point is, it was a kick ass little book.

Now I'm off to put someone in a time out for screaming for no reason. Not just a yell, I'm talking that scream that stops your heart cause you thing something is really wrong, then you find out they were just standing there and nothing touched them and you just want to backhand them... oh sorry. Got carried away there didn't I?
Not sure if anyone is going to read this but it's worth a shot!

Been many moons since anyone posted something here. So hi everyone! Hope things are ok! Kids and everything good? Anyone? Anyone? hahaha

Hellooooo! Is there anybody out there?

Ok people, is it safe to say this community is dead? I know I have been busy since I got a new job (one that I absolutely love!) so I havent had a chance to post for a while, but how come no one else posted anything either? I guess I fail at communities. Thats ok tho. I'll leave it up for a few more weeks and if nothing happens I'll get rid of it.

So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving?

I wish my uterus would stop hurting. Makes it hard to sleep.

Thats not a bad idea...

So Jaime's idea sounded pretty good. I mean, come on! Who doesnt like to show of their treasures? So here are just a few of my baby girl. They are kinda old because I cant find that damn cord for my camera. Hmm. I think I'll look for that when she's in bed...in like 8 minutes! haha\

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my vain attempt at revival!!!!

so im at work now after being switched to days and no longer being a late night mom(bed at 9-930p)
but ms rinoali is getting hot and bothered over the lack of vigor and life in the community and i live with the woman and shes a scary sight sometimes(and im totally gonna get my ass beat for this when i get home ;)) any ways time for us to look alive and i think we should post some pics of our kids which i will do when i get home and have access to myspace and my photos and photobucket and so on when i get home...if i ever get home tonight...knew i should have stayed in an aux state and dodged calls for 5 min but nooooo i had to play good employee and take the damn call hahah im not even mad really at least i have a rep on who has some semblance of intelligence and i just get to play techie with a security system wo0t
So is it safe to assume this community is dying? Does no one else have anything to say about anything? Kids, work, sex, food, puppies, sleeping...anything!

hello! (echo)hellohellohellooooooo

To all working mommies...

I'd like to just take a moment and say how in awe I am of the working mother. I've only been doing it for about a week and already I feel worn out! I mean, it's always draining taking care of children, but I started working at Linen & Things and I'm just ready to drop! I got almost no sleep last night, worked 8 hours yesterday, woke up with both kids today and I'm getting my period so not only is my body hurting from 8 hours of tossing king sized comforters up to someone on a ladder, climbing said ladders, and covering way too much floor because no one is around to help "guests" and I dont know a damn thing since no one has bothered to train me so I cant answer "guest" questions but now I'm having contraction like cramps and I'm starving. God today sucks!!!
So again, hats off to all working mothers I have no idea how you you do it but you fucking rock and dont let anyone tell you different.


Since we're on the subject of ex's (so to speak)... here goes -- and hear me out.

I'm married, happily, with an 8 y/o step-son (who is currently sleeping in my bed because the Washer was banging the wall between the kitchen and his bedroom and instead of ignoring it, he chose to bank the wall back at it.. ) -- anyway, and a 7 month old baby girl.

And even happily married, I still talk to my ex - daily.  He now lives states away (in Arizona -- I'm in Texas), has a great job, making excellent money, living by himself, doing his own thing, someone content minus not having someone to share his life with yet...  and I often wonder if I really made the right decision in marrying my husband.  My ex and I dated for 7 years..  we were "THE" couple.  But time and again, something drew us apart.. and although we realized that maybe we weren't meant to be -- we still had a bond that was almost inseparable and still seems to stick to this day.. 

Is there anyway -- that you believe... that your soul made is out there?  That just because you marry "the man of your dreams" -- is he truely your soul mate?  I believe my ex is my soul mate.  He understands me better than anyone else I know.  He can pin point every flaw I have, every mistake I make, everything I think, what I'm thinking, why I'm thinking it, and he is rarely ever wrong.. adn even if he is, he's not completely mistaken.

My husband still plays a good guessing game with me which makes me laugh, and makes things fun, and he worships the ground I walk on (visa versa, btw), and cares for me in every way imaginable. Sure, times are tough ocassionally, but we pull through them as a team regardless.. 

I don't really know where I"m going with this -- but it sure is open for discussion... 

In keeping with odd conversations..

My ex and I had this convo oh so many a year ago... Enjoy!

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So here I am, posting a mildly ridiculous and amusing(at least I think so!) conversation between my boyfriend and myself.

In this conversation, we're arguing about wether or not 'anyone' can be used to mean 'anything'.
I'm missxboots, he's oxybratoi.

cut for our random weirdness.Collapse )

There, I did my part. Now it's time for the rest of the members to do the same!